IBAIS University

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LLB (Pass)

An Overview:

Bachelor of Laws (Pass) program is a two-year undergraduate degree program. This 2-year degree program is spread over 6 semesters with three semesters per year consisted of 63 Credits. The teaching faculty comprises highly qualified and experienced professors as well as bright young faculty members.
Career Opportunities:

 The Law Program at IBAIS University is designed to prepare students for careers in Law – judges, lawyers and academics, and leadership roles in this globalized economy and society.
Admission Requirements:

BA/BSc/BCom (Pass)/Associate Degree

Degree Requirements:

The Bachelor (Pass) degree requirements are as follows:
(a)          Completion of 63 Credits courses
(b)          Passing   of all   courses   individually   and maintaining a minimum CGPA of 2.5
Courses:                                                                                 Credits
Course Code     Course Title                                                                       
LL.B        101         Jurisprudence                                                                   3.0
LL.B        102         Law of Contract                                                                3.0
LL.B        103         Law of Torts                                                                       1.5
LL.B        104         Muslim Law                                                                        3.0
LL.B        201         Hindu Law                                                                           1.5
LL.B        202         Constitutional Laws of Bangladesh                           3.0
LL.B        205         Law of Equity                                                                     1.5
LL.B        206         Law of Trusts                                                                     1.5
LL.B        207         Law of Transfer of Property                                        3.0
LL.B        302         Land Laws of Bangladesh                                              3.0
LL.B        304         Labor & Industrial Law                                                   3.0
LL.B        305         Company & other Business Law                                                3.0
LL.B        306         Law of Crimes and Criminal Procedure                   3.0
LL.B        308         Fiscal Laws of Bangladesh                                             3.0
LL.B        309         International Protection of Human Rights             3.0
LL.B        401         Law of Evidence & Registration                                 3.0
LL.B        402         Public International Law                                                3.0
LL.B        404         Law of Civil Procedure Code                                        3.0
LL.B        405         Specific Relief Act                                                            1.5
LL.B        406         Law of Limitation                                                              1.5
LL.B        407         Mercantile Law                                                                 3.0
LL.B        414         Moot Court Sessions &
Interpretation of Statues                                             3.0
LL.B        420         Law of Insurance                                                              3.0
LL.B        424         Law for Women & Legal Protection                          3.0

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